• Natalie

    "The Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing at Skin Alive is amazing! I have fine skin and was concerned about premature aging so I completed a course of the fractional laser treatments at Skin Alive. I am thrilled with the results – my fine lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced and my skin looks plumper and healthy looking. I feel like I Iook years younger!"
  • Sue Naylor, Race Horse Trainer

    "Being a horse trainer my skin is exposed to the elements. As I approached forty, I wanted to improve my skin’s appearance so tried a Fraxel laser treatment. I found this treatment quite painful and it also resulted in a long recovery time of 2 weeks !! I subsequently heard about Skin Alive and their Fractional Laser Treatment using radio frequency. I completed their treatment and the results are quite incredible – my skin quality has improved dramatically and importantly the short recovery time had me back at work the next day."
  • Anne

    "I suffered from severe acne as a teenager and was left with significant scarring. With my wedding approaching I was really eager to improve my skin. I had four resurfacing treatments and could not be happier with the results. My scarring is hardly visible and I am so much more confident and happy. Best of all I walked down the aisle with beautiful clear skin on my wedding day! Thank you Skin Alive!"